Endoscopic Ear Care Training Course


Monday 16th December 2019 – LEICESTER, UK (FULLY BOOKED)
Monday 20th January 2020 – OXFORD, UK (FULLY BOOKED)
Monday 16th March 2020 – LEICESTER, UK (FULLY BOOKED)
Saturday 6th June 2020 – OXFORD, UK (CANCELLED DUE TO COVID-19)
Saturday 12th September 2020 – LEICESTER, UK (FULLY BOOKED)

(Fees: Training Course = £695.00 +VAT; iCLEARscope® (optional) = £1,795.00 +VAT)

To book your space onto our training course please email info@clearwax.co.uk.

NB: Please note your space is only confirmed and reserved upon full receipt of payment.


It is our goal to combine the best ear care professionals, latest technology and clinical evidence to provide safe, simple and effective ear wax removal.

This is why our ENT led clinical ear care training course offers qualified and registered ear professionals (e.g. Audiologists, Hearing Aid Dispensers, ENT doctors, GP’s and ENT Nurses) the opportunity to be trained and accredited in performing endoscopic ear wax removal, including E-suction®, using our specially developed wireless iCLEARscope® video oto-endoscope.


This new and innovative technique of removing ear wax offers many benefits over alternative and more traditional methods such as ear syringing and ear irrigation. In addition, the removal of ear wax visualised through an endoscope was found to be significantly quicker, more comfortable and easier to perform compared to under an operating ENT microscope typically used for Microsuction when the two were compared in a clinical study¹.

Some of the other benefits of endoscopic ear wax removal with the iCLEARscope®, which has been CE-marked for ear wax removal, include:

  • Wide and magnified high definition (HD) view of the entire ear canal and eardrum
  • Easy to learn with appropriate training
  • Safe to perform (e.g. otoscopy brace)
  • Portable
  • Greater freedom of operation with ENT micro-instruments
  • Clinical video documentation
  • Low start-up costs



1 Pothier D.D., Hall C. & Gillett S. (2006) A comparison of endoscopic and microscopic removal of wax: a randomised clinical trial. Clin. Otolaryngol. 31, 375–380


Our one-day endoscopic ear care training course is performed by our very own Clearwax ENT Consultant Surgeon, Mr Darius Rejali, who has over 25 years of clinical and training experience. The key objectives and learning outcomes of the course are:

  • Better understand ear anatomy and pathology from an ENT perspective
  • Learn about the different types of ear wax and which ENT micro-instrument(s) are best suited to remove each type, including Endoscopic Ear Suction (E-suction®)
  • Be aware of contraindications, infection control and the consent procedure
  • Learn how to operate our specially developed iCLEARscope® video oto-endoscope
  • Be confident and safe in the endoscopic ear wax removal technique and procedure
  • Understand what steps to take (and not take) in difficult cases
  • Be aware of any otological abnormalities that require further management and referral
  • Understand the importance of appropriate clinical documentation



Successful delegates will be awarded with certification in endoscopic ear wax removal and the opportunity to register themselves on to the Clearwax website (see more below).



The wireless iCLEARscope® video oto-endoscope is the very latest cutting edge otological piece of equipment and has been specifically developed and manufactured by Clearwax for the intended purpose of ear wax removal (CE-marked). It can also be used in daily clinic to perform video oto-endoscopy instead of video otoscopy offering many clinical advantages to both ear professionals and their clients.

Some of the other key unique features of the iCLEARscope® are:

  1. Optimal working length and diameter for ear examination and ear wax removal
  2. Optical rod lens system specifically developed and designed for ear wax removal
  3. Truly autoclavable endoscope made up of high-quality German components and manufactured in UK
  4. Medical CE marked portable LED (5W) light source with custom heat grip that provides natural white light (approx 5700K) and ultra bright illumination (>120,000 Lx)
  5. Stylish and portable custom foam fitted aluminium carrier case



Successful delegates can register on to the Clearwax website granting private access to our online shop where we offer great savings and discounts on everyday ENT consumables required for ear wax removal. In addition, successful delegates can add themselves on to our ‘Find a Specialist’ online directory. This allows members of the public to find and view specialist profiles near to them before making direct contact to arrange a private ear wax removal appointment.



Barry Fenton’s insurance have confirmed they will amend any current policies to include ‘endoscopic ear wax removal’ at no additional premium.



For more information or to book and reserve your space on a Clearwax endoscopic ear care training course please email info@clearwax.co.uk or click here.

Mr Darius Rejali – Director and Consultant ENT Surgeon

Mr Neel Raithatha – Director and Consultant Audiologist

Endoscopic Ear Wax Removal using E-suction®

Clearwax endoscopic ear care training course - 2

Clearwax Endoscopic Ear Care Training Course

Endoscopic Ear Care Training Course

Delegate being trained in performing E-suction® in manikin before real-ear

Clearwax iCLEARscope - 2

Clearwax iCLEARscope®

Clearwax iCLEARscope®