Why Clearwax



Many GP practices in the UK are no longer offering ear syringing (or ear irrigation) services. As a result, there is a growing number of people suffering from untreated impacted ear wax in the UK. At CLEARWAX it is our goal to combine the best ear care professionals, latest technology and clinical evidence to provide safe, simple and effective ear wax removal across the UK to help people who are suffering from impacted ear wax.

CLEARWAX also provide Endoscopic Ear Care Training. This new and innovative technique of removing ear wax offers many benefits over alternative methods and provides the specialist with direct visualisation whilst removing ear wax.


All our approved CLEARWAX ear wax removal specialists are either fully qualified Audiologists, Hearing Aid Dispensers, GPs, ENT specialists, Nurse or Pharmacists who are registered with their relevant regulating bodies. In addition, they have all declared as being trained in ear wax removal from an accredited training course or programme and being insured for professional indemnity.

To find, view and arrange an appointment with your local CLEARWAX ear wax removal specialist please click here.


If you are unsure whether you have ear wax that requires removal you can arrange an appointment to visit one of our approved CLEARWAX ear wax removal specialists at one of their clinics or branches to have an ear examination (default fee may be applicable).

To have ear wax removal performed, prices vary depending on the specialist. Each specialist provides clear and concise prices for either one ear or for both ears on their specialist profile page.

Some of our approved CLEARWAX ear wax removal specialists may also offer home visits and emergency out of hours appointments where an additional charge may apply. You can find out whether they do by viewing their specialist profile page when finding your local specialist.

Mr Darius Rejali – Director and Consultant ENT Surgeon

Mr Neel Raithatha – Director and Consultant Audiologist

Mr Mohammed Shiraz – Consultant Audiologist