Clearwax Cerumen Management Course



At Clearwax we strive to develop and manufacturer the most innovative cerumen management solutions which aim to benefit both specialists and their patients.

This includes our flagship device the ‘iCLEARscope®’ wireless oto-endoscope which provides an unparalleled field of view of the inside of the ear when removing cerumen.

More recently, we have developed the ‘WAXscope®’ which is a portable, easy-to-use ‘exoscope’ that provides high-level magnification and a specula fitting to help dilate and straighten the external auditory meatus. In addition, we have also created our own ‘Rai’ range of ENT micro-instruments for more effective, efficient and ergonomic manual removal of cerumen.

Finally, we provide high-level cerumen management training using both the iCLEARscope® and WAXscope®. This is for the below suitably qualified clinicians and assistants who are wanting to extend their scope of practice and have the appropriate post-qualification experience (and supervision) where highlighted:-

  • Audiologists (>3 months post-qualifying experience)
  • ENT
  • GPs (>3 months post-qualifying experience)
  • Physician Associates (>3 months post-qualifying experience)
  • Nurses & Paramedics (who routinely perform otoscopy with >1 year experience)
  • Hearing Care Assistants (employed with >2 years post-qualifying experience and access to direct or non-direct supervision from one of the above listed and trained clinicians)

NB: We do not provide training to any other clinicians and assistants other than those listed above. Additionally, we regrettably do not accept enquiries from Nurses & Paramedics who’s experience of otoscopy is via training provided by training companies who are known to also train non-suitably qualified clinicians as well as non-clinicians. The level of this training is highly-questionable.



We offer suitably qualified candidates a standalone 2 day e-learning theory training course. This involves watching the following lectures and presentations to help refresh and advance your clinical knowledge as well as completing a Multiple Choice Questionnaire (MCQ).

Module 1:          Outer Ear Anatomy & Physiology
Module 2:          Cerumen & Cerumenosis
Module 3:          Pathology
Module 4:          Cerumenectomy
Module 5:          History taking, Consent, Sterility, Decontamination, Infection Control

NB: The e-learning theory training is performed during candidates own time and at their own speed.

Certification will be issued to candidates upon successful completion of the MCQ.

Candidates who wish to attend our 1 day practical training course (see below) must successfully complete the 2 day e-learning theory training course in advance.

£295.00 +VAT


For suitably qualified candidates who are wanting to get trained in cerumen management using either the iCLEARscope® or the WAXscope® (see below)

To be eligible to attend the 1 day practical training course, all candidates must also undertake the 2 day e-learning theory training course in advance

Training commences in manikin ears to build confidence before progressing on to real-ears

Candidates will need to perform x10 successful procedures in real-ears at the training

Post-training, candidates will need to provide x10 successful real-ear procedural videos (including reflections) for assessment

Final practical training certification issued at this stage

£595.00 +VAT

(NB: price does not include the 2 day e-learning theory training course)

WAXscope & iCLEARscope

NB: All medical devices manufactured by Clearwax are CE-marked in respect to EU MDR 2017/745. Furthermore, the WAXscope® and iCLEARscope® kits (which include other medical devices from other manufacturers) are also assembled in accordance with EU MDR 2017/745.


Currently, there is no professional body accepting new applications for accreditation. This is whilst new training guidelines are being urgently published by relevant key stakeholders and professional bodies. This is in direct response to previous attempts by other professional bodies to attempt to legitimise the training of non-clinicians to perform cerumenectomy. Clearwax were instrumental in ensuring these attempts did not come to fruition and have been actively consulted in the development of the new training guidelines. Indeed, our Clearwax Cerumen Management Course is likely to exceed the guidelines set in the new proposals and so we will review the necessity and cost implications (which will inevitably have to be passed onto candidates) for any new accreditation once published.


For more information or to book and reserve your space onto our Clearwax Cerumen Management Course please email or click here.



Mr Neel Raithatha – Director and Consultant Audiologist
Mr Darius Rejali – Consultant ENT Surgeon
Mr Mohammed Shiraz - Consultant Audiologist