Dear Clearwax, I do have to say the ear wax removal you performed on my ear was one of the best I have ever experienced. Having had this procedure performed over the years by syringing and microsuction in hospital, both were uncomfortable and left me feeling unwell after. The equipment you use is fabulous, no discomfort during or after the procedure. I would not hesitate to have your procedure again. Thank you for making an unpleasant experience a pleasant experience and not one to be afraid of. Kind Regards

Janet BlackwellNorthampton

Janet Blackwell

Clearwax visited my home to perform  endoscopic ear wax removal on my right ear after I’d been suffering with reduced hearing in that ear for two weeks. The Clearwax specialist was very professional and friendly, explaining the procedure to me clearly and ensuring I was comfortable throughout. This was a much more pleasant experience than when I’ve had my ears syringed in the past. The results are fantastic and my hearing has returned completely. I would highly recommend Clearwax to anyone who is suffering with excess wax as this procedure is quick, comfortable and effective – very good value for money. Thank you again it very much appreciated!

Darrell BarrsCoventry

Darrell Barrs

Dear Clearwax, I just wanted to say a big thank you for performing the endoscopic ear wax removal procedure on me today. I woke up today with definitely one but almost two blocked ears, annoyed that my GP’s surgery couldn’t see me quickly and fed up having put ear drops for the last ten days with no results. Then, I thought about self diagnosing on the internet (I know you shouldn’t but I’m glad I did) and that’s how I found your website. The fact that I could be seen so quickly was important to me. Thank you for being professional, knowledgeable, honest and accommodating – I couldn’t recommend you enough. I can now hear perfectly!

Atish MehtaLeicester

Atish Mehta

Thank you for your prompt ear wax removal service. Quick, clean, efficient and all on HD camera!

Nicholas HigginsLeicester

Nicholas Higgins